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  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics

    Data is exploding. Individuals, corporates, websites, call centers, shopping malls, mobile and RFID devices etc. are generating data in various formats – Regular data, voice data, text data, video – and like never before. It is estimated that by 2017 there will more bytes of data than the sand grains in the world. Unstructured data is growing faster than structured data. Big data is the buzz everywhere. Big data refers to huge data sets characterized by larger volumes, greater variety and complexity, generated at a higher velocity than any organization has faced before. Information, insights and foresights have tremendous implication in every aspect of business. Organizations which are leveraging analytics to differentiate themselves at the front with standardization at the core are able to create sustainable competitive advantage. Analytics is enabling organizations to predict customer behaviour, meet their needs and cement long-term customer relationships.

    Key Services

    VENSYX Data Solutions Big Data and Advanced Analytics uniquely enable your organization to apply analytics to decision-making, anytime, anywhere. Our company has a dedicated practice on High-end Analytics & Data Mining with proven expertise in Forecasting, Model Management, Optimization Services including expertise in emerging areas such as Descriptive and Text Mining.

    Technologies have emerged to make easy and cost effective analysis of unstructured data as unstructured data sources used for big data analysis may not fit in traditional data warehouses. Big data analytics is the application of advanced analytic techniques to very large, diverse data sets. There are advanced analytics techniques like predictive analysis, data mining, statistics, etc to study the state of business and data. NoSQL, Hadoop and Mapreduce are new methods of working with big data that offer alternatives to traditional data warehousing. These technologies form the core framework that supports the processing of large data sets across clustered systems.

    Key Capabilities

    Data Mining

    The Effectiveness of the data warehouse applications are only calculated when the data stored in them are meaningfully utilized, to get the hidden knowledge and utilize it for the competitive advantage the data mining technique comes into picture .By using analytical techniques, VENSYX Data Solutions helps to get complete process of discovering information and knowledge.

    Big data

    The rise of internet scale applications has led to an unprecedented scenario that industry cannot ignore, it's a problem but also an opportunity that business proactively address it.

    Big data offers you an opportunity to build a compelling competitive advantage in the marketplace by adding the whole new dimension to analytics, which aids decision making. VENSYX Data Solutions helps you to Leverage our services and solutions around big data, to address the specific problems and gives a competitive advantage.

    Advance analytics:

    VENSYX Data Solutions expertise in statistical and advanced data-mining techniques gives a smarter decision making.

    VENSYX Data Solutions Advanced Analytics Services go beyond simple off-the-shelf tools labelled as 'BI' or 'CRM' that are more often than not backward-looking. Instead, we leverage historical data, current macro factors and aid in decision-making that is forward-looking, and that your business can implement in a very actionable way across key decision-making functions: prediction, forecasting, simulations and optimization.

    Business Value

    • Improve insights based on analytics
    • Provide insights to real-time analysis
    • Improve business outcomes and manage risk, now and in the future
    • All types of information can be tapped

  • Business Intelligence Solutions

    VENSYX Data Solutions Business Intelligence Consulting Services comprise High Impact, Diagnostic and assessment studies that facilitate BIDW initiative of Many High Performing 'Fortune-1000' Companies across the Globe. We help Organizations across multiple verticals analyze the business problems and then propose innovative business intelligence and analytical solutions which link strategy with actions and create synergy between organizations Short-term, Medium term and long term priorities and Business Objectives. We have in place a set of methodologies, frameworks, checklists and IP assets that help us strategize BI initiatives.

    VENSYX Data Solutions DWBI team of Consultants helps its clients convert the Strategic Business objectives and goals into BI strategy and convert these ideas into actionable results. With Hundreds of successful deployment across Technology, Products and Verticals, our BI Experts have expertise in working with some of the 'Fortune-1000'companies across the World. These highly motivated Professionals are 100% committed to customer satisfaction in all services that we deliver.

    BI Consulting offerings at VENSYX Data Solutions include:

    • Strategy & Roadmap
    • BI Assessment Study
    • Rationalization Services
    • BI Competency Center
    • Architecture Services
    • Tool Evaluation Services

    Key Capabilities

    Strategy & Roadmap

    Understand different aspects of BI requirements and work on Strategy and future state with a defined timeline to achieve the defined state

    BI Assessment Study

    Conduct study to evaluate the current landscape of technology, architecture, resources and infrastructure to provide optimal state.

    Rationalization Services

    Assessment of current ETL and Reporting architecture and processes to recommend the right fit solution and confirming to latest best practices in the market.

    BI Competency Center

    Consulting, Implementation and Operation of BI Competency Center or BI Center of Excellence for efficient management of BI Resources.

    Architecture Services

    Assess and recommend BI Architecture vis-à-vis organization requirement with respect to BI, Dashboard, Analytics and Scorecard.

    Tool Evaluation Services

    Tool Evaluation and Selection based on time tested evaluation criteria categorized by Architecture and User Preference, Infrastructure footprint etc.

    Business Value

    • Strategic BI Projects aligned to Business Strategy
    • Enable faster and fact-based decision making
    • Reusable frameworks and components
    • Catering to users most pertinent needs and optimize the use
    • Ensure that operations are aligned to Strategic and Tactical needs
    • Lower costs for BI tools and processes

  • Data Management

    VENSYX Data Solutions helps you to meet the data management goals to provide data assurance in terms of security, quality and accessibility. VENSYX Data Solutions is focused on creation of accurate, consistent and transparent data content for its customers. It emphasizes usability of data for its intended purpose and audience. VENSYX Data Solutions provides processes, tools, and metrics to help organizations use information effectively and efficiently in order to achieve their business objectives.

    Companies today look at integrating and analyzing structured and unstructured content across the enterprise. Our service offering in Data Management enables customers to effectively manage volumes of data and help convert information to insights. Our primary focus is on helping our customers to build and maintain Master Data repositories, tackle inconsistencies within their data, and cleanse and enrich it to gain competitive benefits while simultaneously adhering to compliance requirements.

    BI Data Management offerings at VENSYX Data Solutions:

    • Data Quality Management
    • Master Data Management
    • Meta – Data Management
    • Data Migration
    • Data Integration
    • Data Governance

    Key Capabilities

    Data Quality Management

    VENSYX Data Solutions specialists implement robust governance processes and assure quality via data de-duplication, data filtering, and error treatment across Telecom, Retail, Manufacture and Finance Services sectors.

    Master Data Management

    Our comprehensive MDM offerings optimize internal and external data management, and governance to help you make better-informed business decisions.

    Meta – Data Management

    Our metadata-driven development approach assigns a high priority to master data—the static core data at the heart of an organization—which encompasses information across the various units and teams in an organization.

    Data Migration

    VENSYX Data Solutions help enterprises to consolidate their data systems or migrate to a newer, more robust platform. We offer frameworks and solutions to mitigate associated risks while accelerating deployment.

    Data Integration

    Build an information-enabled enterprise by speedily transforming data into a key decision driver with VENSYX Data Solutions Data Transformation service. Our engineers leverage expertise in various ETL and ETL data transformation tools and operate across a variety of sectors.

    Data Governance

    VENSYX Data Solutions uses a high-performance data governance framework that embraces collaboration at all levels, we partner with you to drive business alignment, specialization, stewardship, responsibility, accountability, consistency, and scalability across the enterprise.

    Business Value

    • Achieve organizational alignment on the governance of data management issues throughout the enterprise
    • Define and implement data architecture encompassing data modelling, data flow analysis, tuning, storage, visualization, and infrastructure
    • Identify, implement and maintain a single, unified view of reference data across the enterprise
    • Ensure data security, through security policies and processes
    • Establish processes that ensure good quality data on a regular and consistent basis

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse

    The data warehouse is the key behind a competent Business Intelligence system. This is the place to store and organize your data so business users can access and query it to help the company move in the right direction. This easy access to complicated data enables effective business analysis and business forecasting, which in turn provides great insight on various trends and supports in faster and better decision making.

    VENSYX Data Solutions BI/DW offers complete suite of data warehousing solutions encompassing data warehouse development, implementation, maintenance operations and support. We offer full life cycle design and development activities necessary to implement an end-to-end data warehouse and business intelligence solution. The service delivery begins with engaging end-users in a rigorous requirements gathering process and completes with the implementation of BI/DW solution.

    BI Data Management offerings at VENSYX Data Solutions include:

    • Data Modelling
    • Data Mart Development
    • Data Integration
    • Information Delivery
    • Maintenance Operations, Support & Upgrades

    Key Capabilities

    Data Modelling

    VENSYX Data Solutions Data Modelling service provides organizations with customized, business-specific solutions and creates effective data models that meet their current and evolving needs. Our experts employ both tool-based and manual methodologies to customize existing models for enhanced business performance.

    Data Mart Development

    VENSYX Data Solutions is a leading provider of data warehouse and data mart design and development services, VENSYX Data Solutions helps organizations across a variety of industries collate and store discrete data on a single platform, enabling effective analyses and informed business decisions.

    Data Integration

    Build an information-enabled enterprise by speedily transforming data into a key decision driver with VENSYX Data Solutions Data Transformation service. Our engineers leverage expertise in various ETL and ETL data transformation tools and operate across a variety of sectors.

    Information Delivery

    VENSYX Data Solutions is committed to placing data in the hands of an organization's workers in a form-factor (mobile, PDF report, Excel etc.) that ensures action is taken on the information at the right time. VENSYX Data Solutions Information Delivery service provides a single access point for aggregated information via an easy-to-use Web-based interface.

    Maintenance Operations, Support & Upgrades

    VENSYX Data Solutions has extensive experience in delivering large-scale migration and upgrade services and has established methodologies specific to business intelligence projects. Our services are tailored to meet your needs, whether you want to upgrade to a newer version of your existing tools and applications or you are making a platform or re-engineering decision for your overall BI architecture.

    Business Value

    • Easy to deploy and manage; dramatically simplifies your data warehouse and analytics infrastructure
    • Fast time-to-value for important business intelligence and analytic initiatives that impact your bottom line
    • Meet increasing demands for performance and capacity using cost-effective industry building blocks
    • Protect your information with high availability, business continuity, and security

  • Application Middleware Management

    Middleware is the enabling technology of enterprise application integration. It describes a piece of software that connects two or more software application, allowing them to exchange data. Middleware solutions enable to align IT Infrastructure with an organization's business objectives and create value in the process. However, middleware solutions are complex and need to be implemented and managed efficiently. Middleware also puts considerable strain on an organization's IT budget while increasing the risk for business disruptions.

    VENSYX Data solutions do help our clients migrate from existing middleware products and enable them to rapidly deploy new products in their existing IT infrastructure. VENSYX Data solutions are adept at helping our clients successfully plan, configure, install, test and integrate their products which, in turn, helps reduce the capital expenditure (Capex) and operational expenditure (Opex), In addition, our Middleware services also help our client's to reduce business risks and enhance return on investment.

    Core Expertise:

    • Middleware systemsAdministration activities like Install, Configure, Deploy, Monitor and Troubleshoot
    • Middleware systems performance monitoring and reporting
    • Middleware systems performance fine-tuning
    • Middleware systems capacity planning and reporting
    • Middleware Product Enhancements& Upgrades/Migrations
    • Reduce manual dependencies by automating operational activities to increase organizational efficiency
    • Need-based interaction and follow-up with 3rd-party vendors, suppliers, etc.
    • Documents and Reports.

    Value Propositions:

    • Rich L2/L3 expertise and process (ITIL) knowledge in dealing with mission critical applications across the Domains
    • Preventive,Adaptive Maintenance by Actively monitoring and identifying incidents and take remedial action to ensure application availability
    • Integration and Automation
    • Implementation of back-up & recovery
    • Leverage new technologies and drive IT transformation to further your organization's digitization initiatives
    • Consolidate your Middleware infrastructure to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    Supported Middleware Stack:

    VENSYX Data solutions have successfully executed numerous projects for Below Mentioned Middleware products.

    • Oracle Tuxedo (9.x, 10.x& 11g) which is part of Fusion Middleware Stack
    • Oracle WebLogic Server (Version 8,9,10)
    • IBM WebSphere Application Server (IBM WAS V 5.x,6.x,7.x)
    • IBM WebSphere MQ (IBM WMQ) Version (V5& V6).

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