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  • Android App Development

    Android is the latest trendsetter in the industry and is Google's latest mobile platform based on Linux. It started with its 1.5 Cupcake version in 2009 and with time, has been upgraded to Gingerbread, Ice-cream sandwich, and finally to the 4.2.1 version of Jelly bean. In addition, not only smart phones, Android is used in tablets, notebooks, smart books, cameras, and even watches.

    With thousands of users all over the world, the Android app development market is full of action, and has totally altered its focus, especially for the IT firms. With a wide array of users all over the world, Android is used for a variety of purposes, from entertainment and amusement to business and various other requirements. Android app development has created its own market within a short span of time, and its applications provide tough competition to other mobile app technologies.

    VENSYX Data Solutions provides Android app development solutions to the clients according to their specific and customized needs. The scene in the Android market has shifted from the development of sophisticated app development to the development of apps for our every little day-to-day need.

    At VENSYX Data Solutions the Android SDK lends support to the developers with APIs that are necessary to build custom applications.

    We provide services using Android SDK under the Android application development. We try our best as an Android app developer company to provide ample set of Android Phone applications and development tools. VENSYX Data Solutions develops Android apps for all platforms – such as Smartphone, tablets, Smart Television etc. From the development of custom apps for enhancing the clients existing website, to the creation of brand new Android app to reach the target audience, we do it all.

    A good user interface with rich features and maintaining a continuous stream of new versions is very important for developing a good Android app. We ensure that we provide you with the best Android app development at VENSYX Data Solutions

  • Windows8 App Development

    The windows mobile operating system has been developed by the IT giant Microsoft Corp, which has upgraded Windows for its proficient use in tablets and smart phones. Windows8 has created immense worldwide impact in the market of technology. The reason behind its instant popularity is the touch panel and the additional features.

    VENSYX Data Solutions strives in providing you with flawless windows app development to suit all your needs. With the latest Windows8 and its popularity, there is a growth in the market of Windows app development. We have expert app developers to cater to the needs of customized app development for Windows8 OS.

    Our company provides experienced and skilled professionals, who have expertise in .NET Framework, Windows Mobile SDK, SQL server mobile edition and other Microsoft based technologies. We will help leverage your business with a wide range of applications under the Windows Mobile App development.

    VENSYX Data Solutions helps in the development and creation of the latest applications for Winodws8, to suit the innumerable needs of the clients. The boom in the windows market in the recent times is due to the launch of the brand new version 8 that provides a platform for the creation of a brand new mobile app development market that aims solely at the loyal and faithful Windows users. We provide comprehensive solutions to the all the application development needs and develop applications that suits the client's requirements.

    From CRM and ERP apps to Widgets, Games and entertainment apps, we take special care to meet all the wants and needs of the client. Windows8 has created an upheaval in the industry with its launch last year (2012). Its new and upgraded features have created a stir amongst technology enthusiasts. Windows8 app development has been introduced in the industry due to the increasing popular demand of the Operating System.

  • Blackberry App Development

    BlackBerry by RIM (Research in Motion) is the ultimate Smartphone for office and corporate use. With a wide range of features, BlackBerry stands out in the tough and highly competitive Smartphone market. The rapid and growing popularity of this phone has shown the way to an entirely new sector of BlackBerry applications development Industry.

    VENSYX Data Solutions has expert and proficient BlackBerry application developers, who provide solutions to all queries related to the BlackBerry app development. Customized new apps or integrating and porting already existing apps to your BlackBerry device, is a part of our BlackBerry application solutions. We help in the migration of app, from J2ME to BlackBerry, mobile PDA embedded wireless technologies and other internet based solutions.

    With the ever-increasing popularity of BlackBerry, there is an increasing need for constant app development to suit the needs and standards of the market. We provide innovative solutions to app development compatible with every BlackBerry device – be it Bold, Curve or Storm.

    It is a myth that BlackBerry is meant for serious business purposes. Rather, the stable platform of BlackBerry makes it a leading competitor in the development of games. VENSYX Data Solutions offers an amazing array of BlackBerry application development services as per the clients' pre-requisites under the BlackBerry Game Programming. We have experienced app developers who are just as enthusiastic about building games compatible for BlackBerry.

    Our Game programmers are experts in JDE and BlackBerry Smart phones and use their expertise to their advantage in developing astounding BlackBerry games. We provide an amazing range of app development for BlackBerry to suit the purposes and the needs of our clientele. From wireless solutions to advertisements and client server applications, you name it, and we will have it developed. VENSYX Data Solutions aims in endowing its clients with hassle free BlackBerry app development to suit every need and purpose.

  • iPhone App Development

    Apple has become one of the most wanted brands in today's market, and now, with the launch of iPhone 5, there is a huge demand for iPhone app development services. As iPhone has dominated and taken over the smartphone market with its upscale software development, we at VENSYX Data Solutions, take special care and attention to build the best apps and cater to various spheres of iPhone app development needs.

    We make use of the exclusive iPhone features along with the iOS and create new, innovative iPhone app as per the requirements of our clients. At VENSYX Data Solutions, you will find experienced iPhone app developers well versed with iOS 6 SDK, and other programming languages such as C, C++, and Objective-C.

    We are updated with the latest developments in the smartphone industry and are driven by customer satisfaction. We design, plan and build customized iPhone app as per your precise requirements. Since 2007, Apple has been upgrading from iPhone device to SDK and iOS. For the development of a customized iPhone app, it is essential for businesses to look for an app development company that has both experience and expertise in the field of iPhone app development.

    We at VENSYX Data Solutions take pride in providing you with iPhone application development that is the best of its kind. Be it business apps, entertainment related apps or apps for gaming, we provide everything to cater to your individual needs. One important thing is that the cost involved is much less, when you seek to develop iPhone app from an experienced app development company, rather than developing the same app in-house.

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