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  • Business Process Mobilization

    Business Process Mobilization is a critical aspect of any business and generally involves the entire range of activities undertaken by the organization at various levels. Process mobilization is aimed at making a business more efficient and cost-effective and helps to take it to newer heights. Supply chain and internal processes are also included in business process mobilization including communication and services provided to the customer. Implementation of ideas and other applications to engage partners and employees are also some of the important aspects of such process mobilization. The selection of appropriate processes and applications that result in the proper growth and benefits of mobility and business dynamics is also important.

    VENSYX Data Solutions is one of the most customer oriented IT solutions company. We have highly talented designers and developers of mobile applications, as well as other web elements. Our well experienced application developers are responsible for creating interactive applications for a wide range of mobile and handheld devices. They develop these applications after understanding your business requirement and needs at every step. The applications are also developed after consulting with industry experts and obtaining guidance from them in terms of industry requirements and expectations. We develop these applications to serve our customers in such a way that the products not only serve their purpose but also help in their growth and much more. All these factors make us one of the best providers of Business Process Mobilization Solutions.

    At VENSYX Data Solutions, we provide our customers with effective and efficient business process mobilization services at the most competitive prices. We also integrate a number of other applications and services for cross platform use, as well as make a variety of data available at your finger tips with mobile integration of every business data and other important aspects. We are one of the most reputed companies in mobile security and management. Our experience and knowledge of IT, computing and mobile communications help us develop some of the most secure and safe mobile and other applications. VENSYX Data Solutions offers the most complete solutions at the most competitive prices. We also offer 24X7 technical support and expert services for all our products.

  • B2B Mobile Apps Development

    VENSYX Data Solutions has designed different engagement models to suit varied needs of our clients.

    • Time and material
    • Milestone billing
    • Fixed time/Fixed price
    • Dedicated Development team

    Our dedicated team model works for clients who want to work in close contact with the development team over an extended period. The dedicated team work as an extension of the client's development center. We create project teams having project managers, team members, equipment and infrastructure based on the clients' requirements. This model is used when the clients need flexibility in project deliverables as he/she may need to modify the project specification continually depending upon future market trends. The clients pay an hourly rate agreed upon at the time of the contract signing, and can modify the team size to optimize the cost and time line of the project. This model is very effective when working on big, long-term projects that need to be completed in many phases. In this model, we spell out payment schedules on time or milestone basis. This model ensures for continuous progress monitoring, hence reduced risks for large projects.

    Access Developer anytime

    Our programmers are highly experienced and have deep knowledge of every mobile development framework. They do have hands on experience of 5+ years with different versions of Android: eclipse, SDK/JAVA, J2MEE; Blackberry: Java; Windows Phone: SDK/.Net; iOS: ObjectiveC , XCODE.

    Be sure before hiring

    You do not have to believe us on our words and promises. Take a free trial of our developers before hiring them. The first week of your experience with hire developers is free. You can test our developers, managers and working model during this time. If you are not happy you can inform us and we won't ask any further questions.

  • Enterprise Android App Development

    VENSYX Data Solutions mobility solutions experience includes:

    • Secure remote access to enterprise applications
    • Virtual desktops on mobile devices
    • Corporate e-mail and instant messaging for mobile devices

    How can we maximize the software we have? Are there options to simplify our license procurement? Are there licensing options that support virtual environments? Sure, you might be having questions about licensing, for it is a tricky subject and having the wrong licensing arrangement can affect your organization.

    Additional managed services:

    We do more than just licensing. Our professional service team can review your entire IT environment and make cost saving recommendations. Through our licensing managed service, we can oversee software patches, version upgrades and vendor maintenance. We offer flexible contracts, pricing models and SLAs for ongoing service agreements, and allowing business to stay agile.

    We also aim to provide a relaxed place to work and provide an environment where our staff can be themselves, and get on with the job. When we say open door policy, we really mean it. Our structure is flat, our senior management is approachable and available. When it comes to decision making, we treat our employees and relate to our clients.

  • Enterprise App Distribution

    The unprecedented growth in the mobile app development market has definitely led to the mushrooming of a huge number of service providers. The idea of increasing productivity among employees through mobility is widely accepted among big corporate houses. You can increase the productivity of employees by allowing them to work from home, while monitoring their activities. All our developers provide enterprise app development services, meeting the specifications given by the clients. Get in touch with us for a free demo and a quote.

    We understand the importance of time management in enterprise application development. Our enterprise app developers have nailed down our processes right down to the last pixel to deliver on time.

    Driven by obsession to make customers happy

    In order to launch an enterprise mobile app successfully, strong engineering team with sufficient experience is what you require. We offer personalized services as your enterprise mobile app consultant. Our mobile consulting services address the entire range of challenges involved in making mobile move a success.

    Enterprise mobility is an inevitable reality that is embraced by businesses for long term survival. But, how easy it is to implement mobile solution for your company depends on the service provider you choose. The challenges in mobility range from deciding on a business specific mobile strategy to implementing security measures before app distribution and everything in between.

    Our enterprise mobile application developers have delivered complex apps across domains. We have the right experience to serve the exact purposes of our clients. Mobile application development services provided by our company is affordable, while you also have the scope to interact directly with our developers.

  • Enterprise iOS App Development

    VENSYX Data Solutions has been developing software products and has expanded the tools, processes and controls, to ensure, we are building the right product with necessary functionality. We have the wherewithal to minimize the challenges of offshore development while maximizing the results in quality and timeliness. VENSYX Data Solutions is known to build commercial grade software that generates revenue which are different than building internal IT applications for a single end users OFS. The OFS will deliver software for your business that drives revenue while keeping the development cost to a minimum and enhancing the product quality to higher levels.

    Software product development

    VENSYX Data Solutions knows it is crucial to build commercial grade software that generates revenue and is very different from building internal IT applications, which are developed for single end user.

    We have hundreds of specialists versed in latest technologies, including all the java and.Net toolsets,as well as those of Objective C.

    Our company has a large team of quality assurance resources trained in the latest testing methodologies and tools such as rational and mercury.

    Budget stretching prices, we can bring the benefits of lower cost structure to your location and guarantee quality and timeliness through our tight SLAs.

    Protecting your intellectual property

    The OFS understands that the most valuable asset is your software and the 'crown jewels' are the software codes we help you develop; and so, we are the first step in the process to help protect your valuable code.

    OFS has an official policy in place to safeguard your property:

    Secure building: Areas of software development are off limits to employees not involved in the project and require special passes to enter.

    Secure data: The USB ports are blocked and DVD drives are disabled. Also, phones and USB drives are not allowed in the software development area.

    Maximize What We Have

    VENSYX Data Solutions practices and advises on how to take applications beyond the walls of your office. The practice includes software development, device integration, connectivity and field support. Our mobility solutions are typically designed and built to support a unique and defining business process, and delivering competitive advantage through improved efficiency and service. Datacom delivers unrivalled local expertise across technologies, infrastructure solutions, industry specific solutions and processes. We offer this knowledge to our clients using pragmatic consulting approach backed by our delivery capability and real world experience.

  • Mobile Business Intelligence

    The capability that enables the mobile workforce to gain business insights through information analysis using applications optimized for mobile devices" is defined as Mobile Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence is also referred to as BI and is a technique aided by computers for analysing business data and a number of other factors that actually gives deep insight into the business; it provides important intelligence in taking the business to newer and greater heights. With the huge innovation and improvement in mobile telephony and wireless internet connection, business intelligence has also grown by leaps and bounds in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. New and highly improved smart phones and other handheld devices, combined with highly efficient software and applications can literally provide all business related information and their analysis at your fingertips.

    VENSYX Data Solutions is one of the fastest growing IT and ITES companies. We have a team of highly talented and imaginative programmers, as well as application developers. We also have a very talented team of web developers and content developers. The applications are developed for cross platform use, as well as use in a number of mobile and handheld devices. They are also developed for integration in web pages.

    The mobile business intelligence solutions designed and developed by VENSYX Data Solutions offers a 360 degree insight to your business details and statistics. Our programmers and developers also integrate some of the most intricate mathematical and statistical calculations, graphical representation, and other interactive charting techniques for easy understanding and data analysis. Our mobile business intelligence solutions are highly interactive and compact and are found on all sizes of screens. Mobile business intelligence services have been one of our core competencies and we have been delivering customized solutions for a number of our global clients.

    VENSYX Data Solutions offers the most comprehensive and complete mobile business intelligence services. We design and develop these applications after detailed understanding of your needs and requirements. We are one of the most customer centric companies that offer nothing but the best. We focus hard in developing and delivering the products which will always be beneficial in every respect, for our clients. We develop them with utmost care and in consultation with some of the most renowned experts from the industry. We offer some of the most complete solutions for mobile business intelligence and also develop and deliver cost effective solutions to all your needs.

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