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  • Telecommunications

    The telecommunications industry has arguably evolved more than any other market sector in the last ten years. This evolution has brought not only a lot of benefits for telecommunication operators and their customers, but also a lot of issues to resolve. As the telco industry has moved from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach, the need for high-quality customer information is now greater than ever. The biggest challenge for telcos is how to unite fragmented pieces of information about customers (i.e. their characteristic, products, behaviour, etc.) to create a complete, 360-degree customer view.

    VENSYX Data Solutions Provides:

    • Customer oriented solutions
    • Customer Data Warehouse
    • Customer oriented Data Marts
    • Customer profitability solution
    • Customer Identification Application
    • Customer Data Integration Application
    • Customer Loyalty Program
    • Churn Identification
    • Marketing Automation
    • Cross-selling / Up-selling support
    • Fraud Detection System
    • Master databases (product, network component, etc.)
    • Real time Data Warehousing
    • Business Scorecard
    • VENSYX Data Solutions Wholesale Billing
    • Scoring and Rule-Based Engines

  • Retail

    Driven by a highly competitive marketplace, today's retailer requires cutting-edge Information Management. The speed, scalability, and flexibility of IM technologies push current retail solutions far beyond traditional inventory monitoring.

    • Razor-thin margins make managing inventory and reducing storage costs more critical than ever
    • Just-in-time product supply requires constant interaction with a centralized data source and efficient tracking of item availability and transport, as well as effective supply planning.
    • Sales managers need to be empowered to initiate and manage promotions, and monitor the performance of frontline staff as they engage with customers
    • Performance figures that enable managers to compare their store with others in the chain and departments with one another are a proven way to enhance sales and profitability
    • Frontline staff need up-to-date information on promotions and inventory, and a means of tracking their own performance in real time
    • Rewards programs and customer relations management need effective storage of behavioural information, and real-time updates pushed out to service representatives

    This only touches on the purely retail side of what today's retail outlets are doing. In response to customer demand, retailers are increasingly branching out into banking, insurance and other services.

    VENSYX Data Solutions experience in a wide variety of projects, in conjunction with our methodologies, skill sets, and effective partnerships, enable us to provide solutions particularly geared towards challenges faced by the retail sector:

    • Sales Analysis
    • Promotions Analysis
    • Inventory Management
    • Store/Department/Staff Performance
    • Customer Relations Management (e.g. rewards plans)
    • Customer Credit Management

  • Financial Services

    Banks are under more pressure now than ever before. Constantly evolving regulatory requirements, rising costs, economic pressures, and increased competition from non-traditional entrants in the banking industry have created a challenging business environment for banks of all sizes. In addition, businesses and consumers alike have come to expect a level of service unachievable using traditional product-centric systems that many banks still employ.

    VENSYX Data Solutions helps organizations reduce costs, improve customer service, increase customer wallet-share, comply with regulatory regimes, and mitigate risk with a variety of Information Management Solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of today's financial services industry.


    As service providers, financial institutions understand that their customers are central to their business; however, operationally, customers are often treated as conglomerates of several account numbers, rather than unique individuals with particular histories and specific needs. To achieve true customer-centricity, organizations must address key operational channels to understand and service their customers better. Among the goals of an aspiring customer-centric organization: effective customer information management integrated and coordinated customer-facing channels, and improved efficiency of core processes.

    At VENSYX Data Solutions we leverage our expertise in Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Data Quality, and Master Data Management to help organizations realize their customer-centric vision.


    Today's regulatory environment is wide-ranging and complex, and only promises to become more so in the future. At the same time, the penalties for failure to meet regulatory requirements have never been so severe. Organizations must establish a balance between compliance and the need to minimize disruption of day-to-day business operations.

    VENSYX Data Solutions empowers organizations with easy and convenient access to information demanded by regulators, while allowing normal business activities to continue efficiently and uninterrupted.


    A comprehensive and transparent risk management platform is vital, especially in challenging economic times. When confronting market, credit, and operational risks, organizations need to understand the repercussions—ultimately, in terms of effect on the bottom line—of all business activities, right down to the transactional level.

    VENSYX Data Solutions Risk Management solutions give organizations and their employee's access to the information they need to make informed and timely decisions in all areas of risk.


    In financial services as in other industries, consolidation is an ongoing process. As new players emerge, numerous organizations fade away through M&A activity. VENSYX Data Solutions Information Management experts protect banks' M&A return on investment with solutions that ensure seamless transitions to a single, combined enterprise. As a result, customers are spared any negative impact of the changeover, reducing customer-churn, one of the main reasons for M&A failure.


    As tales of privacy breaches spread through the media, consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their private information. As the guardians of more personal customer information than any other business, in the interest of their reputation and continued viability, financial services organizations must keep this information safe. VENSYX Data Solutions develops processes and solutions to ensure this data remains confidential, and protects the trust your organizations has built with your customers.

  • Manufacturing

    Driven by a highly competitive marketplace, today's manufacturing organization requires cutting-edge Information Management. The speed, scalability, and flexibility of IM technologies push current manufacturing solutions far beyond traditional inventory monitoring.

    • Production lines depend on the timely delivery of inputs that must be tracked, stored, available and locatable when the line requires them
    • Products require detailed, standardized entries to ensure all materials are accounted for and to effectively manage inventory and reduce storage costs
    • Maximizing the investment in shipping requires product bundling and intricate management of shipping hubs; systems must be able to cope with external source data
    • Just-in-time product supply requires constant interaction with a centralized data source and efficient tracking of item availability and transport, as well as effective supply planning
    • Factory managers, sales people, quality control managers need effective and streamlined ways to track their team performance
    • Legacy systems can inhibit performance and adversely affect the credibility of the data; data on such systems requires cleansing and integration in line with enterprise goals
    • Safety regulation compliance requires an effective way of monitoring product quality and keeping track of what has been shipped where
    • Targeted information on sales and production cycles helps boost the performance of wholesale and retail partners and increase profitability.

    VENSYX Data Solutions experience in a wide variety of projects, in conjunction with our methodologies, skill sets, and effective partnerships, enable us to provide solutions particularly geared towards challenges faced by the manufacturing sector:

    • Product Information Management
    • Inventory management
    • Tool selection
    • Asset & maintenance management
    • Product and Sales cycle management
    • Catalogue and sales management
    • As well as the complete suite of VENSYX Data Solutions Information Management solutions and services from Data Quality to Data Integration to building reports and dashboards to meet both strategic and operational goals.

  • Utilities

    As they pursue a more competitive, market-oriented business model, utilities organizations are making increasing demands on their information systems to provide accurate and timely information on a wide variety of systems and metrics: supply, delivery, network, infrastructure, revenue projections, past performance, customers, competitors, and others. Information is required to develop strategy, monitor performance, and engage effectively in day-to-day operations.

    Investing in a robust Information Management infrastructure and processes is an important step along the road to a truly enterprise-wide information system that controls long-term costs, and that extracts significant return on investment.

    VENSYX Data Solutions for Utilities

    • Asset & maintenance management
    • Regulatory compliance for managing data and reporting on supply, cost, and safety
    • Monitoring and predictive analysis for supply and pricing
    • Reporting solutions for field workers
    • Billing monitoring and management
    • Tool selection
    • Data Warehouse Assessment
    • Data Quality Assessment and Cleansing
    • Data Governance Consultation
    • Master Data Management services
    • Data Integration
    • Business Intelligence and reporting, dashboards, KPIs, and Mobile BI

  • Government

    Stable societies have always been those best equipped to manage, safeguard and circulate information. Cornerstones of government such as technological development, legislation, justice, and yes, taxation all hinge on the development, maintenance, and access to effective channels of data management.

    Government departments and agencies are challenged to keep up with recent trends both in data processing technologies, and the exploding amount and complexity of data all modern organizations face.

    Just as VENSYX Data Solutions has helped leading, profit-driven companies unlock the full value of their data investments, VENSYX Data Solutions Government Solutions help public organizations ensure information is accessible, secure, and trustworthy.


    Information is power; good governance is responsible use and dissemination of information. With government information, jurisdictional patchwork is often replicated several times over in the number of overlapping systems with different standards and procedures. Even when systems are accessible, they face serious integration challenges. VENSYX Data Solutions works with all of the major technologies and is highly experienced not only in bringing legacy systems up to date, but also in developing practical solutions that effectively confront challenges of multiple data sources.


    The flipside of accessibility is security. Accurate information on citizens, service providers, suppliers, policy initiatives, and employees is absolutely necessary to conduct government business; yet with this access comes a great deal of responsibility to safeguard that information.

    VENSYX Data Solutions helps organizations develop effective, user-friendly and access-conscious portals to ensure users can obtain the information they need within the bounds of stringent privacy and security protocols. In addition, VENSYX Data Solutions has extensive experience building and shoring up solid data foundations in the form of data marts and enterprise data warehouses.


    The information your data infrastructure yields must be readily available to the right people, and must be accurate. VENSYX Data Solutions has been enabling organizations with a single version of the truth for over a decade. Services you can trust for information you can trust.


    • Information Quality Management
    • Data Warehousing
    • Master Data Management
    • Business Intelligence 2.0
    • Service Oriented Information Exchange
    • Enterprise Data Services
    • Business Activity Monitoring
    • Data Governance
    • Event Triggers
    • Scoring and Rule-Based Engines

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